Oil Absorbent Sock

Oil Absorbent Sock
Oil Absorbent Sock

Oil Absorbent Sock

Oil Absorbent Sock

Cleaning up the Oil spill with oil absorbent pad, oil absorbent sock, and oil absorbent pillow.

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Chemical Absorbent Sock

Oil Absorbent Sock

Oil absorbent sock are designed for cleaning up oil spill and will absorb most oil & fuel, and repel water.

The oil obsorbent scok are white in colour so easily recognisable to be used for chemical spills and will also absorb almost anything.

The spills pads adhere to industry standards for cleaning up maintenance spills, preventing harm to the environment and your business.

Newman has all of the required products you need to deal with your spills, absorbent pads, absorbent socks, absorbent pillows and booms including a wide range of absorbent response Spill Kits and disposable bags.

Spill absorbent sock is designed for cleaning up Chemical spill and will absorb most hazardous chemicals.

For Oil absorbent Sock, it is white in colour.

How do absorbent socks work?
Absorbent socks are long polypropylene tubes containing high absorbency materials like cellulose or corn cob filler. Their uses span general purpose sorbents to containment dikes that stop spills from spreading. Different types of socks can handle various liquids including water, solvent, coolant and oil spills.