Oil Absorbent Pillow
Oil Absorbent Pillow

Oil Absorbent Pillow

Cleaning up the oil spill with oil absorbent pad, oil absorbent sock, and oil absorbent pillow.

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Chemical Absorbent Pillow
Chemical Absorbent Pillow

Spill Station with Oil Absorbent Pillow has the unique property of repelling water and only absorbing oils and fuels.
This makes them suitable for use on both land and water surfaces.

All absorbent pad and absorbent sock are dimpled and laminated for superior strength and absorption.

The heat welded dimples promote rapid absorption so that you can turn your liquid hazard into an easily managed solid fast.
The easy-tear perforations in our pads and rolls mean that you only use what you need.

  • Oil absorbent material are made from 100% virgin resin polypropylene and no recylcled contaminants to reduce performance.
  • They repel water (hydrophobic) and only absorb hydrocarbons such as oil, fuel & solvent.
  • Oil absorbent rolls are perforated for easy handling.
  • All pads and rolls are laminated with low lint spun woven cover stock.
  • All pads and rolls have heat bonded dimples to accelerate absorption.
  • Marine booms are double skinned and are fitted with snap hooks and rings.
  • Dispensing boxes available at additional cost.
  • Perforated.