Chemical Absorbent Pad
Chemical Absorbent Pad

Chemical absorbent pad is designed for cleaning up Chemical spill and will absorb most hazardous chemicals.

The Chemical absorbent pads are yellow in colour so easily recognisable to be used for chemical spills and will also absorb almost anything.

The chemical spill pad adheres to industry standards for cleaning up maintenance spills, preventing harm to the environment and your business.

NEWMAN has all of the required products you need to deal with your spills, absorbent pads, absorbent sock, absorbent pillow including a wide range of absorbent response Spill Kit and disposable bags.

oil absorbent pads
oil absorbent pads

Oil Absorbent Pad is designed for absorbing Oil & Fuel and repelling water.

The Oil absorbent pad is white in colour. One carton consist of 200pcs, size 40x50cm. It will put inside Spill kit.

The oil absorbent pad for cleaning up maintenance spill, preventing harm & hazard to workers in working places.

NEWMAN has all oil absorbent pad, absorbent sock and absorbent pillow.


Absorbent Sock

Chemical Absorbent Sock

Chemical absorbent sock is designed for cleaning up Chemical spill and will absorb most hazardous chemicals. Pillow size is 1.2m x 7.6cm

The chemical absorbent sock is yellow in color so easily recognizable to be used for chemical spills and will also absorb almost anything, water, oil & fuel, and hazard chemical.

Oil Absorbent Sock
Oil Absorbent Sock

Oil Absorbent Sock

Oil Absorbent Sock is designed for absorbing oil & fuel and repel water. White in colour, size 1.2mx7.6cm, one carton has 12pcs.

Absorbent Pillow

Chemical Absorbent Pillow
Chemical Absorbent Pillow

Chemical Absorbent Pillow is designed for chemical spill, included water, oil & fuel, hazard chemical.
It prevents chemical spill hazards in working place.

The Chemical absorbent pillow is yellow colour and size 40x50cm. 
Qty: 10 pcs / carton

Oil Absorbent Pillow
Oil Absorbent Pillow

Oil Absorbent Pillow (Oil Only)

Spill kit with Oil Absorbent Pillow has the unique property of repelling water and only absorbing oils and fuels.

This makes them suitable for use on both land and water surfaces.

All absorbent pad and absorbent sock are dimpled and laminated for superior strength and absorption.

The heat welded dimples promote rapid absorption so that you can turn your liquid hazard into an easily managed solid fast.
The easy-tear perforations in our pads and rolls mean that you only use what you need.

  • Oil absorbent material are made from 100% virgin resin polypropylene and no recylcled contaminants to reduce performance.
  • They repel water (hydrophobic) and only absorb hydrocarbons such as oil, fuel & solvent.
  • Oil absorbent rolls are perforated for easy handling.
  • All pads and rolls are laminated with low lint spun woven cover stock.
  • All pads and rolls have heat bonded dimples to accelerate absorption.
  • Marine booms are double skinned and are fitted with snap hooks and rings.
  • Dispensing boxes available at additional cost.
  • Perforated.

What Is Spill Absorbent? What is the Function?

Absorbents are critical elements in the fight against spills and environmental pollution. Their role is to absorb a liquid spill so that it can easily be cleaned up. Using absorbents also prevents spills from spreading further or seeping into the ground.

Most often, absorbents are supplied as part of a spill kit. These kits may also contain booms to contain a spill, brushes to sweep up the contaminated absorbent and waste bags for collecting the used absorbent for disposal.

There are different types of absorbent available for different types of spills. It is important to select the right absorbent for your application. Choosing an incompatible absorbent may make a spill worse or even add the risk of fire due to reactions between the absorbent and the chemical involved.

Oil Spill Kit
Oil Spill Kit