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We supply a wide range of products such as wooden pallet, galvanized steel pallet, plastic pallet, used plastic pallet, recycled plastic pallet, second hand plastic pallet, recycled wooden pallet, used wooden pallet, and export pallet, one way pallet for shipping purposes, spill containment pallet, spill kit and others.

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How to Choose the Correct Plastic Pallet?

Pallets are consisted of light duty plastic pallet, medium duty plastic pallet, heavy duty plastic pallet.

Light Duty Plastic Pallet

Light duty plastic pallet usually is for export purpose,shipping or cargo consignment. It also classified as one way plastic pallet, or cargo pallet. The pallet weight itself only 6kg to 8kg. Material of pallet usually made by recycled PP, black in colour.

The load capacity of this light duty plastic pallet is 1ton dynamic load, and 2ton or 3ton static load, but zero racking load, means it is not able to put on rack. It may cause accidents due to pallet breakdown.

Medium Duty Plastic Pallet

Medium duty plastic pallets can be used for two functions which are shipping consignments or internal storage. Pallet weight itself is more heavy than light duty plastic pallet, which is around 10 to 15kg. Material of pallet is usually made by HDPE, blue or grey in colour, or recycled PP, black in colour.

The load capacity of this medium duty plastic pallet is 1ton to 1.5ton dynamic load, 4 to 5 ton static load.

In what type of scenario we need to choose medium duty plastic pallet for export purpose? The answer is  when the cargo load is more than 1ton and below 1.5ton per pallet. If below 1ton per pallet, the light duty plastic pallet is more than enough for shipping purpose.

The racking load of medium duty plastic pallet is around 300kg to 500kg. Therefore, medium duty plastic pallet also can use for internal storage or internal goods transferring application. It can be store on floor (can up to 1.5ton to 5 ton) or on racking (not more than 500kg).

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Heavy duty plastic pallet is mainly for internal storage purpose, because of this highest strength and cost consideration. The pallet weight itself is around 15 to 25kg depends the different applications and functions. Heavy duty plastic pallet mainly made by materials of HDPE, in blue, green or grey in colour.
The load capacity of heavy duty plastic pallet is 1.5ton dynamic load, 4.5 to 8 ton static load, 1 to 1.5 ton racking load.
During the pallet selection for this heavy duty pallet the most important information must be provided is the racking load, goods packaging and racking system type.
The goods packaging consists of in carton box, plastic basket box, jumbo bag, woven bag, paper bag, plastic bag and others. The racking type also very important point to cause the pallet failure. The racking systems are selective racking, double deep racking, drive in racking, push back racking, and others.

Process flow for pallet making

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